• Limoncello | Revitalizing Face Mist
  • Limoncello | Revitalizing Face Mist

Limoncello | Revitalizing Face Mist


Why we love this: Our Face Mist is a toner and moisturizer in one. It's the ultimate multi-tasking skin care mist that's easy to use! 

It contains lemon essential oil which is detoxifying in nature and has natural pick-me-up ingredients that can help perk you up throughout the day. This mist puts the ‘zing’ in amazing!  

Our Limoncello Revitalizing Face Mist is reminiscent of an Italian classic liqueur with a twist, make this face mist your new main squeeze!

Here’s a tip: Struggling staying up to study or trying to finish some overtime work? There is nothing quite like spritzing our Limoncello Face Mist to help rejuvenate and assist on waking up… whatever the time of day. 

We suggest doing our "Spritz & Seal" method: Spritz using our Face Mist then seal in the moisture on your face by using our Amethyst Crystal Elixir Face Oil & Rose Quartz Crystal Elixir Face Oil.

Skin type: All

Ways to use our Face Mists:

1. It doubles as a toner
2. To set your makeup and remove the powdery finish
3. To freshen up your face (with or without makeup) any time of the day

To use: Hold it about five or six inches away from your face and spritz then leave to penetrate the skin for a minute. Gently pat off excess spray. That's it, really.

Shelf life: 3 months

What’s NOT in it: paraben, silicone, sulphate, pthalate, aluminum, synthetic dye, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol, petrochemical filler

Ingredients: water, witch hazel, glycerin from coconut, lemon essential oil, vitamin e

Cruelty-free and vegan.

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