• Eyes Cream | Dark Circle Minimizer

Eyes Cream | Dark Circle Minimizer


Why you'll love this: Our Eyes Cream brightens the skin under the eyes. It contains organic rosehip oil and lemon essential oil that are known to correct dark spots. The Vitamin E helps nourish the skin and reduces fine lines while delivering and locking in hydration. The ingredients are whipped into submission for a light, fluffy consistency yet extremely moisturizing. Oh, and it smells yummy too!

To use: Apply a small amount of cream to the skin around each eye contour. Gently pat at the areas with your ring finger and avoid tugging at the eyes. Use it at night. That's it, really.

Skin type: All

Storage recommendation: Keep in the refrigerator for a cooling and de-puffing effect (and to solidify the oils, if necessary)

Ingredients: shea butter, aloe vera, organic rosehip oil, lemon essential oil, vitamin e & milk essence


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